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Universal Precaution - Ebola Protection Suits

We have available Protective Clothing that complies with the risk groups along with their containment measures which are found in European Directive 2000/54/EEC - on protection of workers from risk related exposure to biological agents at work. This is in response to the spread of Ebola Virus Disease in Africa and it's worldwide pandemic potential.
The protective clothing according to EN 14126:2003 Protection from Infective Agents and are suitable for the Following Tasks
  • Handling and disposal of possible contaminated materials, objects or animals
  • Preforming tasks required application of cleaning and disinfecting
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Universal Precaution - Bio Hazard Kit

Aero Tech Security is a market leader in the provision of it’s comprehensive Bio Hazard Kit, which is suitable & adaptable to all instances of Bio Hazard waste in confined spaces e.g aircraft cabins.
Best Practice in Customer Care demands quick, efficient & effective management of Bio Hazardous material such as blood, vomit & other bodily fluids. The Aero tech Security Bio Hazard kit provides this in a safe & easy to use format.
The Bio Hazard Kit also contains a ‘Sharp Disposal Unit’ -'Sharps Kit' for effective handling of all sharps such as needles, providing airline crew with a safe & professional method of disposing of such items.
The Airline industry prides itself of safety on the ground & in the air, & using the Aero Tech Security Bio Hazard kit on board your aircraft demonstrates a professional & safe approach to the management of all bio hazard waste to both your customers & your staff alike.
Join the growing list of airlines already using the Aero Tech Bio Hazard Kit today & improve your standards of hygiene, safety & customer service all at once.
Security - Inspection

Terrorism has become a feature of our modern world. Recent history shows that Airline travel is not exempt.

This is one reason why Airline Security cannot be left to chance, lives depend on it. Failure to detect Explosive or Incendiary Devices on board aircraft, can lead not only to the destruction of the Aircraft but to the loss of life of its occupants.

Pre-departure security checks are vital in the prevention of terrorism, they are also a regulatory requirement.

These should include: overhead stowage compartments, concealed areas behind panels, between seats & cabin wall, seat pockets & floor area, toilets & baby changing areas, food & beverage trolleys. While such checks are essential, they can be time consuming.

Operating in the Aviation Security sector, Aero Tech Security have designed a range of security inspection devices which enable Cabin Operations or Security teams to perform these tasks both effectively & efficiently therefore speeding the turnaround ground time.

About Us

We deliver a professional service to the worlds top Airlines. We supply to Ground Services, to Cabin Operations & Security Services. Also to International Airline Security Companies who carry out security duties on behalf of the Airlines at designated Airports - domestic, international & private.

In addition, we supply to international Ports - ground crews & vessels - commercial & private.

At Border Inspection Check Points & at Transnational & National Rail Stations.

We supply devices for inspection & universal precaution. In team work environments these devices provide these service operatives the necessary equipment to carry out their work - efficiently & effectively.

Our History

We were set up twelve years ago in Dublin, Ireland to design & produce Security Search mirrors for airlines. First to our national airline Aer Lingus & then to airlines through out the world.

The following year we developed a Bio Hazard Kit for use onboard aircraft through exstensive consultation with a number of airlines, our kit is now in use through out Europe & on many worldwide routes.

Under this pretext, our development team continue to develop product solutions for all areas of the security & safety sectors. Our Dangerous Goods Kit is an example of our ongoing research & development... click here..>>
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Aero Tech Security Devices

Universal Precaution - A multi-functional Kit designed to reduce the risk of cross infection...more..>>

Inspection - A range of telescopic mirror viewers, with the addition of a Mag light in some cases. All hand-held & light aluminum structure allows this product excel...more..>>

Standards & Compliance

Throughout the site any product mentioned is linked to Regulatory Requirements & Certification, each product mentioned will bring you to our Standards & Compliance main page... click here..>>

Within the EU and Ireland airlines are required to comply with legislative directives, such as those out under European Council Directive 93/88/EU of 12thOct1993.

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