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Sharps Kit & Contents
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Universal Precaution

Customer care demands that all incidents that occur on board aircraft are dealt with immediately & discretely.

In today’s world, syringes are almost as frequently used for illicit purposes as legitimate ones. Our Sharps Kit enables your cabin crew to dispose of such used syringes, & other potentially dangerous sharp objects that may come upon, in a safe & discrete manner.

Hazardous human waste created by these situations must be dealt with effectively & provides airline crew with a safe & professional method of disposing of such items.

The Airline industry prides itself of safety on the ground & in the air, & using the Aero Tech Security Bio Hazard kit on board your aircraft demonstrates a professional & safe approach to the management of all bio hazard waste to both your customers & your staff alike.

Join the growing list of airlines already using the Aero Tech Bio Hazard Kit today & improve your standards of hygiene, safety & customer service all at once.

This Product is fully customisable &
adaptible for most safety needs...